Happy New Week!

🥑🌱 Happy New Week! Join us today for an in-depth look at Hass avocado farming in Kenya – from start to finish! We’re excited to share our expertise with you. Learn the ins and outs of avocado cultivation, and discover how we grow premium, organic avocados at Sigrut Farms International. 🌍

📚👩‍🌾 Stay tuned for valuable insights and guidance! #AvocadoFarming101#SigrutFarmsInternational#KenyanAvocados#FarmToTable#OrganicFarming🌿

If you’re passionate about avocados or interested in sourcing organic, quality avocados, reach out to us and let’s connect! 📩🥑#AvocadoLovers#FarmFreshAvocados#FarmWithUs

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