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  • Sigrut Farms, your gateway to quality avocados , we embarked on this  journey in 2019.
  • Today, we proudly nurture 6,678 Hass avocado trees in varying stages of production our target is 10,000 trees, with over 100acres.
  • We are members of Avocados Society of Kenya (ASOK),
  • Our commitment to excellence and sustainability ensures that each Hass avocado from Sigurd Farms is a delectable masterpiece. Join us on a taste adventure where every bite is a testament to our passion for quality and growth


  • Sigrut is committed to delivering the highest quality of Hass avocados and building strong, lasting partnerships.
  • Our avocados comes late in the Kenyan season, hence the reliability and consistent supply to meet the market demand.


  • All our orchards are under drip irrigation, we only rely on the rains during the rainy season.
  • Our peak season/ harvesting start in the month of June to September and we have an off season in December –January.
  • The sizes of fruits vary but majority are between the sizes of 14-22 with a smaller percentage being the size of 24-30.