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Frequently Asked Questions

  • HASS AVOCADO is a new type/variety of avocado
  • Like other types of Avocado, Has Avocado also health/nutrition (high in iron and antioxidants) and income benefits.
  • Accounts for over 80% of the global market
  • Ideal for export because it is a small fruit, is easily packed and a box can accommodate big numbers e.g 4kgs box 16 pcs of 250g each, 10kgs of 40 fruits and others pack in crates of 20 kgs at 4 fruits a kg.
  • Has a rough skin as a natural protection against harsh conditions especially during transportation?
  • Has the highest oil content of an average of 14% but can go up to 23%?
  • Hass Avocado oil is quality oil that has demand across the globe.

A well-managed tree produces mature fruits at 3 years although some farmers report to have started harvesting as early as 2 years and 2 months

  • It is high value crop with high demand for both fresh fruit and oil on the global market
  • Has a relatively high yield potential
  • Has high health and nutritional values
  • Breakeven acreage is one acre
  • Break even period with an acre of well managed Orchard is the 4 year